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claudison rodrigues 
Artist and environmentalist

i always make photos of the socioenvironmental projects I coordenate, in ngos and in environment ministry, brasil, last decades.   my strong interest in photography (and art, in general) expanded my theoretical/pratical knowledge and converged to an authoral production of photographies and, also, artistic objects.

I made an individual exposition, participate in a collective exposition and in printed arts fairs. I Produced a collection of photographies (exposed at my site, as well as the objects) and 6 photobooks (4 are in the Brazilian Data Base of Photography Books; all are at Amazon platform and in my site). i created a set of animations (NFTs), short and in dialogue with the cryptoart aesthetic, processing digitally my photos and using soundtracks from my research about dadaist and futurist movies (these works are exposed in my Youtube chanel, in my site and in blockchain platform opensea).

i am also an Amateur captain, scuba diver and trekker.
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